Household Insurance – Why should I change?

Many of you reading this will have your insurance with either an Agent or the bank.  If it is with the bank you possibly did this because you have your mortgage with the bank, or it was the most convenient option at the time.  Banks on average charge more for arranging your household insurance!  Now is the time to look at what you are currently paying and what you could possibly be saving if you switch to SOS Insurance. Not only will your policy be issued in English, but you can speak to someone in your own language!

Highlighted below are some of the standard options currently available on our household policy

  • Legal Protection
  • Jewellery and valuables covered within the home up to 20% of the sum insured automatically.  Option to increase this
  • Freezer contents covered
  • No Policy excess
  • Satellite dishes and solar panels
  • 24 hour claims assistance line
  • Houses rented to Third Parties
  • Second property houses

If the answer is no… then what are you waiting for?  Please give Jayne or Tracey a call at SOS Insurance TODAY and find out what savings you can make!  SOS also provide fantastic rates for ALL TYPES of insurance including, Travel, Business, Liability and  Funeral Plans.

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At SOS Insurance, we are proud to work alongside other professionals providing excellent services to the Ex Patriot Community and have no hesitation in promoting their Companies. If you would like further information, please click on the links below.


Customer Reviews

Mrs L Nichols (Catral)
April 20, 2020
We were insured with the bank when the Gota Fira hit our home. We were told that we had to open the claim ourselves and not speaking Spanish it was impossible. Our friend was insured with SOS INSURNACE and told us how … read more
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