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When it comes to home insurance, many of us incorrectly insure our home or don’t get the cover that we think we are getting! In order to get the cover you want, just follow these few simple rules.

  • Ask for a household policy in English (how do you know what cover you have if you cannot read the policy)
  • Security discounts…. Don’t get caught out by being given security discounts when your house doesn’t comply with the full security. E.g Not all your windows have the security bars, yet you have been given a security discount. Your insurers may not pay out if you have a claim!
  • Correct information – Check you have been insured on the correct type of property, eg a detached house in the country, not an apartment in an urbanisation
  • Check the cover provided. Are pools covered? Are outside buildings covered? Are garden contents covered? Are annexes covered? What excesses are on the policy? It is all well and good being given a low price, but check that the cover is on a par with your existing policy. Be wary of companies offering Free Home policies if you take out your car insurance! Some of these policies are offering very poor cover and until you claim, you won’t know!
  • Also, you don’t have to pay a fortune to have a good policy. Don’t be fooled into thinking because you have paid a lot of money for your insurance, the policy is going to be good. Be wary of the banks, their premiums can be very high, but their policies don’t always offer you the cover which you think you are getting.

Here are some examples of what you could be paying with SOS Insurance

home insurance comparisonAffordable Travel Insurance – Many people who live in Spain and travel to the UK on their holiday, don’t take out travel insurance, or indeed think they need to take out this cover. However there are many good reasons why you should have insurance; One of the main reasons is for Health Care. You need to check with the UK, to see if you would be entitled to the NHS if you took ill or had an accident whilst on a temporary stay in the UK. Many of us, who are permanent residents in Spain, no longer qualify for Health Treatment in the UK and might find ourselves with a costly bill if we were to seek medical treatment. With Travel Insurance, you are covered up to €7.5 million of medical cover. Here are some of the other benefits of taking out Travel Insurance

  • Cancellation cover up to €7,500
  • Missed Departure €750
  • Travel Delay €300
  • Personal Accident / death benefit up to €25,000
  • Personal Money up to €450
  • Personal Effects and Baggage up to €7,500

travel insurance
Annual policy covers unlimited trips throughout Europe or Worldwide cover - Choice of 17, 32, 45 or 90 days travel any one trip - Ship to shore medical treatment is covered on Cruises - Some pre-existing medical conditions covered (terms apply) - Policy is underwritten by a Lloyds Syndicate, giving you security of your cover

Motor Insurance – At SOS Insurance, we offer excellent rates for car insurance and bike insurance. Premiums start from 120 euros per year, and we also cover UK cars!

Public Liability Insurance – Do you want to have an edge on the competition? Then take out liability insurance. It isn’t expensive. A prospective client would rather go with someone who is fully insured! Here is an example of what you could be paying

liability insurance

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